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MS20392 : Mil-Spec Hardware

MS20392 : Mil-Spec Hardware Specification
Pin, Straight, Headed, Drilled Shank

MS20392 CAD DrawingClick on drawing for larger view


1. MATERIAL: Steel Alloy – UNS G40370 (AISI 4037) per AMS 6300 or UNS G41300 (AISI 4130) per MIL-S-6758 or UMS G86300 (AISI 8630) per MIL-S-6050 or UNS G8740D (AISI 8740) per MIL-S-6049 Corrosion Resistant Steel (CRES) (PH13-BMo) – UNS S13800 (AISI 13800) per AMS 5629 Titanium Alloy (Ti-6AI-4V) – UNS R56400 per MIL-T-9047

2. FINISH: Steel Alloy – Cadmium plated in accordance with QQ-P-416, Type II, Class 2 CRES - Chrome plated in accordance with QQ-C-320, Class 2 (002 – 004) or cleaned descaled and passivated in accordance with QQ-P-35 Titanium Alloy - Aluminum coated in accordance with MIL-C-83488, Class 3, and lubricated with solid film lubricant in accordance with MIL-L-46010, Type 1, or no finish


  • “C” = Steel alloy, 4037 4130 8630 or 8740 cadmium plated
  • “S” = Steel alloy, 8740 cadmium plated
  • “R” = Corrosion resistant steel, PH13-8Mo chrome plated
  • “P” = Corrosion resistant steel, PH13-8Mo
  • Cleaned descaled and passivated
  • “A” = Titanium alloy Ti-6AI-4V, aluminum coated and lubricated with solid film lubricant
  • “T” = Titanium alloy, Ti-6AI-4V, no finish

4. EXAMPLE OF PART NUMBER: MS20392 – 1 C 33 = 125 nominal DIA x 1 031 effective length steel alloy 4037, 4130, 8630 or 8740 Cadmium plated

  • MS20392 Basic MS Number
  • 1 Dash Number (see Table II)
  • C Material and finish code (see Requirement 3)
  • 33 “G” effective length in 1/32


  • 1. Dimensions are in inches. Dimensions shown are after finish
  • 2. Unless otherwise specified, tolerances on decimals shall be +-016 and on angles shall be +-1/2°.
  • 3. The shank end of pins may have either a chamfer or radius at the option of the vendor
  • 4. Pins shall be free of burrs and sharp edges

5. Interchangeability relationship MS20392 steel alloy pins can universally replace the cancelled AN392, AN393, AN394, AN395, AN396, AN400, AN402, AN404, and AN406 steel pins of the same specified plating, nominal pin diameter, effective length and total length but the cancelled AN392, AN393, AN394, AN395, AN396, AN400, AN402, AN404, and AN406 cannot replace the superseding MS20392

6. Pins fabricated from 4130 steel alloy (UNS G41300) and cadmium plated per QQ-P-416, Type II, Class 2 may be used until existing stocks are depleted

7. UNS 87400 (AISI 8740) steel alloy can be used in the manufacturer of “C” or “S” clevis pins at the discretion of the manufacturer/supplier. However the “S” clevis pins shall be heat treated to enable the pins to have the required double shear strength.

8. MS20392 supersedes AN392, AN393, AN394, AN395, AN396, AN400, AN402, AN404, and AN406.

9. In the event of a conflict between the text of this document and the references cited herein the text of this document shall take precedence. Table 1 and paragraph 3 3 of MIL-P-5673 are not applicable to this document. [IT APPEARS A “.” SHOULD BE BETWEEN 3 3, HOWEVER, IT IS NOT IN THE PDF]

10. Unless otherwise specified issues of referenced documents are those in effect at the time of solicitation

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